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RateLimiter converts any futures::stream::Stream into a rate-limited stream, allowing only a certain number of elements to be polled in a given time interval.

RateLimiter uses the token-bucket algorithm for flow control. RateLimiter acquires a token/permit before polling any element from the underlying stream. If there are no more tokens, it must wait for new tokens to be added back through a periodic refill process.

The token-bucket is in turn implemented using a futures-aware semapahore. The semaphore is initialized with some capacity, and the periodic refill process adds back permits removed during the previous interval.

If fine-grained flow control is desired, the refill interval should be kept small.



Stream for the RateLimit::ratelimit function.



Config parameters for a rate-limiter. capacity: Max elements allowed in an interval. interval: Granular duration within which control flow is desired.