[][src]Struct stdlib::Compatibility

pub struct Compatibility {
    pub struct_and_function_linking: bool,
    pub struct_layout: bool,

The result of a linking and layoutcompatibility check. Here is what the different combinations mean: { struct: true, struct_layout: true }: fully backward compatible { struct_and_function_linking: true, struct_layout: false }: Dependent modules that reference functions or types in this module may not link. However, fixing, recompiling, and redeploying all dependent modules will work--no data migration needed. { type_and_function_linking: true, struct_layout: false }: Attempting to read structs published by this module will now fail at runtime. However, dependent modules will continue to link. Requires data migration, but no changes to dependent modules. { type_and_function_linking: false, struct_layout: false }: Everything is broken. Need both a data migration and changes to dependent modules.


struct_and_function_linking: bool

If false, dependent modules that reference functions or structs in this module may not link

struct_layout: bool

If false, attempting to read structs previously published by this module will fail at runtime


impl Compatibility[src]

pub fn is_fully_compatible(&self) -> bool[src]

Return true if the two module s compared in the compatiblity check are both linking and layout compatible.

pub fn check(old_module: &Module, new_module: &Module) -> Compatibility[src]

Return compatibility assessment for new_module relative to old module old_module

pub fn can_update(
    old_module: &Module,
    new_module: &CompiledModule,
    _new_module_dependencies: &[CompiledModule]
) -> bool

Return true if new_module can safely update old_module

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Compatibility

impl Send for Compatibility

impl Sync for Compatibility

impl Unpin for Compatibility

impl UnwindSafe for Compatibility

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