[][src]Struct state_synchronizer::StateSyncClient

pub struct StateSyncClient { /* fields omitted */ }


impl StateSyncClient[src]

pub fn new(coordinator_sender: UnboundedSender<CoordinatorMessage>) -> Self[src]

pub fn sync_to(
    target: LedgerInfoWithSignatures
) -> impl Future<Output = Result<()>>

Sync validator's state to target. In case of success (Result::Ok) the LI of storage is at the given target. In case of failure (Result::Error) the LI of storage remains unchanged, and the validator can assume there were no modifications to the storage made. It is up to state synchronizer to decide about the specific criteria for the failure (e.g., lack of progress with all of the peer validators).

pub fn commit(
    committed_txns: Vec<Transaction>,
    reconfig_events: Vec<ContractEvent>
) -> impl Future<Output = Result<()>>

Notifies state synchronizer about new version

pub fn get_state(&self) -> impl Future<Output = Result<SynchronizerState>>[src]

Returns information about StateSynchronizer internal state

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for StateSyncClient

impl Send for StateSyncClient

impl Sync for StateSyncClient

impl Unpin for StateSyncClient

impl !UnwindSafe for StateSyncClient

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