[][src]Struct safety_rules::SafetyRules

pub struct SafetyRules { /* fields omitted */ }

@TODO consider a cache of verified QCs to cut down on verification costs


impl SafetyRules[src]

pub fn new(
    persistent_storage: PersistentSafetyStorage,
    verify_vote_proposal_signature: bool
) -> Self

Constructs a new instance of SafetyRules with the given persistent storage and the consensus private keys

pub fn construct_ledger_info(
    proposed_block: &Block
) -> Result<LedgerInfo, Error>

Produces a LedgerInfo that either commits a block based upon the 3-chain commit rule or an empty LedgerInfo for no commit. The 3-chain commit rule is: B0 and its prefixes can be committed if there exist certified blocks B1 and B2 that satisfy:

  1. B0 <- B1 <- B2 <--
  2. round(B0) + 1 = round(B1), and
  3. round(B1) + 1 = round(B2).

Trait Implementations

impl TSafetyRules for SafetyRules[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for SafetyRules

impl Send for SafetyRules

impl Sync for SafetyRules

impl Unpin for SafetyRules

impl UnwindSafe for SafetyRules

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