[][src]Struct module_generation::ModuleGeneratorOptions

pub struct ModuleGeneratorOptions {
    pub max_locals: usize,
    pub max_fields: usize,
    pub min_fields: usize,
    pub max_structs: usize,
    pub max_functions: usize,
    pub max_ty_params: usize,
    pub byte_array_max_size: usize,
    pub max_string_size: usize,
    pub max_function_call_size: usize,
    pub max_ret_types_size: usize,
    pub simple_types_only: bool,
    pub references_allowed: bool,
    pub add_resources: bool,
    pub min_table_size: usize,
    pub args_for_ty_params: bool,


max_locals: usize

The maximum number of locals that can be defined within a generated function definition.

max_fields: usize

The maximum number of fields that will be generated for any struct.

min_fields: usizemax_structs: usize

The maximum number of structs that can be generated for a module

max_functions: usize

The maximum number of functions that can be generated for a module.

max_ty_params: usize

The maximum number of type parameters functions and structs.

byte_array_max_size: usize

The maximum size that generated byte arrays can be.

max_string_size: usize

The maximum size that a generated string can be.

max_function_call_size: usize

The maximum number of arguments to generated function definitions.

max_ret_types_size: usize

The maximum number of return types of generated function definitions.

simple_types_only: bool

Whether or not generate modules should only contain simple (non-reference, or nested struct) types.

references_allowed: bool

Whether references are allowed to be generated for e.g. function parameters, locals.

add_resources: bool

Whether the generated modules should have any resources declared.

min_table_size: usize

The minimum number of entries in any table

args_for_ty_params: bool

If set, all functions with type parameters will have arguments of those types as well.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for ModuleGeneratorOptions[src]

impl Debug for ModuleGeneratorOptions[src]

impl Default for ModuleGeneratorOptions[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for ModuleGeneratorOptions

impl Send for ModuleGeneratorOptions

impl Sync for ModuleGeneratorOptions

impl Unpin for ModuleGeneratorOptions

impl UnwindSafe for ModuleGeneratorOptions

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