[][src]Struct libra_vm::libra_transaction_executor::LibraVM

pub struct LibraVM(_);


impl LibraVM[src]

pub fn new<S: StateView>(state: &S) -> Self[src]

pub fn internals(&self) -> LibraVMInternals<'_>[src]

pub fn failed_transaction_cleanup(
    error_code: VMStatus,
    gas_schedule: &CostTable,
    gas_left: GasUnits<GasCarrier>,
    txn_data: &TransactionMetadata,
    remote_cache: &StateViewCache<'_>,
    account_currency_symbol: &IdentStr,
    log_context: &impl LogContext
) -> TransactionOutput

Generates a transaction output for a transaction that encountered errors during the execution process. This is public for now only for tests.

pub fn execute_block_and_keep_vm_status(
    transactions: Vec<Transaction>,
    state_view: &dyn StateView
) -> Result<Vec<(VMStatus, TransactionOutput)>, VMStatus>

Alternate form of 'execute_block' that keeps the vm_status before it goes into the TransactionOutput

Trait Implementations

impl VMExecutor for LibraVM[src]

fn execute_block(
    transactions: Vec<Transaction>,
    state_view: &dyn StateView
) -> Result<Vec<TransactionOutput>, VMStatus>

Execute a block of transactions. The output vector will have the exact same length as the input vector. The discarded transactions will be marked as TransactionStatus::Discard and have an empty WriteSet. Also state_view is immutable, and does not have interior mutability. Writes to be applied to the data view are encoded in the write set part of a transaction output.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for LibraVM

impl Send for LibraVM

impl Sync for LibraVM

impl Unpin for LibraVM

impl UnwindSafe for LibraVM

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