[]Struct libra_metrics::Histogram

pub struct Histogram { /* fields omitted */ }

A [Metric] counts individual observations from an event or sample stream in configurable buckets. Similar to a Summary, it also provides a sum of observations and an observation count.

On the Prometheus server, quantiles can be calculated from a Histogram using the histogram_quantile function in the query language.

Note that Histograms, in contrast to Summaries, can be aggregated with the Prometheus query language (see the prometheus documentation for detailed procedures). However, Histograms require the user to pre-define suitable buckets, (see [linear_buckets] and [exponential_buckets] for some helper provided here) and they are in general less accurate. The Observe method of a Histogram has a very low performance overhead in comparison with the Observe method of a Summary.


impl Histogram

pub fn with_opts(opts: HistogramOpts) -> Result<Histogram, Error>

with_opts creates a Histogram with the opts options.

impl Histogram

pub fn observe(&self, v: f64)

Add a single observation to the Histogram.

pub fn start_timer(&self) -> HistogramTimer

Return a HistogramTimer to track a duration.

pub fn observe_closure_duration<F, T>(&self, f: F) -> T where
    F: FnOnce() -> T, 

Observe execution time of a closure, in second.

pub fn local(&self) -> LocalHistogram

Return a [LocalHistogram] for single thread usage.

pub fn get_sample_sum(&self) -> f64

Return accumulated sum of all samples.

pub fn get_sample_count(&self) -> u64

Return count of all samples.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Histogram

impl Collector for Histogram

impl Debug for Histogram

impl Metric for Histogram

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Histogram

impl Send for Histogram

impl Sync for Histogram

impl Unpin for Histogram

impl UnwindSafe for Histogram

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