[][src]Trait libra_jellyfish_merkle::TreeReader

pub trait TreeReader {
    fn get_node_option(&self, node_key: &NodeKey) -> Result<Option<Node>>;
fn get_rightmost_leaf(&self) -> Result<Option<(NodeKey, LeafNode)>>; fn get_node(&self, node_key: &NodeKey) -> Result<Node> { ... } }

TreeReader defines the interface between JellyfishMerkleTree and underlying storage holding nodes.

Required methods

fn get_node_option(&self, node_key: &NodeKey) -> Result<Option<Node>>

Gets node given a node key. Returns None if the node does not exist.

fn get_rightmost_leaf(&self) -> Result<Option<(NodeKey, LeafNode)>>

Gets the rightmost leaf. Note that this assumes we are in the process of restoring the tree and all nodes are at the same version.

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Provided methods

fn get_node(&self, node_key: &NodeKey) -> Result<Node>

Gets node given a node key. Returns error if the node does not exist.

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