[][src]Module libra_jellyfish_merkle::node_type

Node types of JellyfishMerkleTree

This module defines two types of Jellyfish Merkle tree nodes: InternalNode and LeafNode as building blocks of a 256-bit JellyfishMerkleTree. InternalNode represents a 4-level binary tree to optimize for IOPS: it compresses a tree with 31 nodes into one node with 16 chidren at the lowest level. LeafNode stores the full key and the account blob data associated.



Each child of InternalNode encapsulates a nibble forking at this node.


Represents a 4-level subtree with 16 children at the bottom level. Theoretically, this reduces IOPS to query a tree by 4x since we compress 4 levels in a standard Merkle tree into 1 node. Though we choose the same internal node structure as that of Patricia Merkle tree, the root hash computation logic is similar to a 4-level sparse Merkle tree except for some customizations. See the CryptoHash trait implementation below for details.


Represents an account.


The unique key of each node.



The concrete node type of JellyfishMerkleTree.


Error thrown when a Node fails to be deserialized out of a byte sequence stored in physical storage, via Node::decode.